In this section you can competently fill out the terms of reference for further comfortable work on the project, as well as, especially for you, we have placed files of examples of TOR, which will help you understand what information may be necessary.
An online store is not just a showcase of products. It is a whole world of opportunities for your business. Our team of experts will provide your store not only with an attractive design, but also with convenient functionality that can turn visitors into regular customers.

Unique features of the IM Pro package:
Expanded functionality: Our package provides unlimited opportunities to add and customize the functionality of your store, providing a wide range of opportunities for development.
Customized Project Discussion: We strive to understand your business and your target audience. Individualized design discussion allows us to bring unique features of your store to life.

Multilingual and Adaptability:
Multilingual: We provide the ability to adapt your online store to different languages, providing convenience to customers from different countries.
Adaptability: Your store will display perfectly on all devices, from large computer screens to mobile devices, providing a seamless shopping experience.

Flexible Hosting:
Flexible Hosting: Our solutions support both single and multiple stores. Manage all your projects conveniently from a single account.

Personalized Manager:
Personalized support: Your personal manager will be there for you at every stage of development, ensuring that your online store meets your expectations.

Basic SEO:
SEO Optimization: Our package includes basic SEO optimization, ensuring your store gets off to a good start and successful promotion in the long run.

With us, your online store will become not only a marketplace, but also a strategic tool to achieve your business goals. Trust us to create a virtual space that can meet the needs of your target audience!